- violinist, chamber musician, teacher

She began her musical education at the age of 7 at the State Music School of the 1st degree of K. Kurpiński at the Music School Complex in Poznań, continuing at the F. Chopin at the School of Music in Poznań. She connected her further musical education with the Academy of Music. I. J. Paderewski in Poznań, where in 2006 she graduated with honors. In 2005-2010, she worked with the orchestra of the Teatr Wielki of S. Moniuszko in Poznań. Sharing her unprecedented passion for music between violin and singing, she also graduated from the Post-Secondary School of Song im. Cz. Niemen at the ZSM in Poznań. In 2021, she completed postgraduate studies in Education Management / Education Manager with a very good result.

She presented her skills at many violin competitions, where she won top places not only as a soloist, but also a chamber musician. In 2017/2018, she collaborated with the Jazz Poznań Association and the legendary Poznań Fifteen, where she performed the role of concertmaster of a string orchestra, co-creating TV and radio projects. She has collaborated with numerous orchestras and chamber ensembles, incl. The Pegasus Quartet or the Sun Flower Orchestra taking part in festivals of international importance: Film Music Festival, Poznań Music Spring, Circus Conelli in Switzerland, the International Animated Film Festival "Animator".

In 2020, she released the album Drazkov - Fraska Duo plays Brzóska with music written for contemporary dance performances, as well as containing a series of contrasting miniatures - autonomous works.

Since 2008, she has been running a violin class at the Music School Complex in Poznań, including the famous Poznań Talent School, she is also the Head of the String Instrument Section at the State Secondary Music School in Poznań. F. Chopin. In her professional life, teaching gives her the most satisfaction. She is a recognized and respected educator. Her students are laureates of several awards at national and international violin competitions. In 2013, she also started cooperation as a content consultant at the Music Center - Jan Romanowski as part of extracurricular forms of education. She is also a Consultant at the Artistic Education Center in Warsaw. In 2020, she was awarded the award of the Director of the Center for Artistic Education for her special contribution to the development of artistic education in Poland.

She is a lecturer at master classes and a juror at national and international violin competitions and festivals.

Thanks to her passion for music and didactics, she is also known as an organizer of artistic workshops, competitions and cultural and educational projects for children and teenagers.

As the President of the Poznań Academy of Arts Foundation, she carries out projects financed by the City of Poznań, such as: "Poznań in the sounds of Poetry" and other projects supporting and promoting young artists.

She performs in Poland and Europe as a soloist and chamber musician, representing various genres of music, from classical to jazz, pop (Beatgirls String Trio) and contemporary (Drazkov-Fraska Duo).

Her free time, which she has very little, divides between sports and good books, which are a source of new ideas and artistic goals.